Pool Tile Clean

AZ Pool Care & Repair Tile Cleaners are your tile cleaning specialists. We will remove the calcium deposits from your swimming pool tile, Pebble Tec, water fountain or rocks. Using the glass bead cleaning process, we will remove ugly scale and calcium buildup from your tile or rock, and restore its natural sparkle and beauty. Glass bead blasting produces a clean, bright finish every time! We don’t use caustic chemicals or abrasive pumice stones, which can leave scratches in your tile and are not evironmentally safe. We clean, protect and restore your swimming pool tile and you can go back to swimming in just a few hours. We don’t even need to drain your pool completely! The process is safe and the results are spectacular!


Why Glass Bead Blasting?


The glass beads used in pool bead blasting are manufactured from lead-free, soda lime-type glass. They are pre-formed into round shapes and are silica free. Pool Bead blasting with glass beads will never cut or scratch your pool tiles. Because of their shape and balance, glass beads produce a smooth, glossy finish that cannot be achieved with angular abrasives. Due to their round shape, glass beads do not have a cutting action and will not destroy or alter the finish of your tile!


The entire pool bead blasting process is environmentally friendly and does not involve chemicals. Glass beads produce the best finish on your pool tiles and we do the cleaning for you, so you can swim immediately after!


Got Ugly Tile? You will be amazed at the great results!



Ugly Waterline Calcium!


Glass Bead Calcium Removal!












Ugly Calcium Line!


Beautiful Clean Pool!






















If your pool tile is in need of calcium removal, contact us today or fill out following form and we will contact you!