Pool Care Repair & Remodeling is a complete swimming pool service, repair and pool interior resurfacing (Plaster, Pebble, Mini-Pebble, Quartz or JewelScapes) company. We serve the great communities in the valley of the sun including Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler Heights, Higley, Ahwatukee, Gold Canyon and Apache Junction.


  “Arizona’s Pool Cleaning Service”

From $89.00 Monthly including pool chemicals
Using only the finest industrial strength pool chemicals and materials, we at AZ Pool Care Repair & Remodeling maintain the waters clarity and sanitation while providing complete pool cleaning service for your pool.
We remove all debris from the pool by skimming the pools water surface, brush all pool walls and benches completely, vacuum pool floor when needed, empty all pump and skimmer baskets, test and adjust water chemistry, add chemicals as needed (we only use the finest company provided industrial strength chemicals), maintain the filtration system and equipment by back-wash as required, keep the salt cell clean, visually and audibly inspect the main equipment and add clarifier to aid in filtration and to make your water sparkle!
All our trucks have GPS, all our service techs log in and log out while right at your pool to input all the pool readings and swimming pool information. So, we know exactly where and how long our techs spend servicing your pool, we track them so you can have peace of mind. We keep very good records of every visit, and let you know when we have serviced your pool with a service tag and/or an optional e-mail within 48hrs of service with the complete service record for your pool.


Total Care Weekly Pool Service includes:

  • NO CONTRACTS! – “Month to Month” Service!
  • Test and adjust water chemistry
  • Add chemicals to sanitize and balance your pool as needed
  • Brush walls, steps, and waterline tiles 100% of every visit
  • Empty traps and skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump traps and baskets
  • Lube pump lid O-ring as needed
  • Skim pool water surface thoroughly
  • Maintain the filtration system and equipment by back-washing as required
  • Vacuum pool floor as needed
  • Clean Salt Cell as needed
  • Add clarifiers and tablets to the pool
  • Take all trash and debris with us
  • Service performed the same day each week in most cases
  • Visually and Audibly check all equipment
  • Report to the office with all info and pics immediately of any repair needed
  • Leave or e-mail a completed service tag with date on every visit (e-mailed option has all details)
  • Maintain proper and detailed service records of each & every visit
  • Contact you immediately to advise you of any issues or repairs needed
  • Contact options of personal call, via e-mail, text, regular mail or a combination of any
  • Optional – Receive an optional detailed weekly service record/comment card by e-mail after each visit

We have an excellent well trained and very professional team of pool service techs and managers that will keep your swimming pool clean, sanitary, balanced, and sparkling clear year round!

While we are not perfect, as everyone fails at times and no one or no company is perfect. We truly do have an excellent dedicated staff of employees that truly care and will do whatever it takes within reason.

You can speak to a live person by calling us at 480-566-0691

Or please visit us at our office and “Swimming Pool Equipment Showroom” located at 952 E Baseline Rd Ste A105 Mesa, AZ 85204 (Baseline just west of Stapley). 

Mesa – Gilbert – Chandler – Tempe – Scottsdale – Ahwatukee – Phoenix – QueenCreek – San Tan Valley – Apache Junction – Gold Canyon

Please give us a call today at 480-566-0691, or fill out the contact form below. 








From $59.00 Monthly including chemicals

For those of you that want to save a buck “do it yourself”, you do the cleaning, while letting a professional manage its water quality. Save your pool’s finish, your equipment and possibly your family’s health by having us out weekly to manage your pool water.

Weekly Brushing and Chemical Only Pool Service includes:

  • NO CONTRACTS! – “Month to Month” Service
  • Maintain water for proper chemical balance and sanitation
  • Brush walls, steps, and waterline tiles (Completed on 100% of visits)
  • Add chemicals as needed (Special circumstances chemicals extra)
  • Visually and Audibly check all equipment
  • Advise of any repairs needed
  • Service performed the same day each week
  • Leave a service tag with date on every visit
  • Maintain proper service records of each visit
  • New! Receive an optional weekly service report by e-mail after each visit.







To set up an appointment for Weekly Pool Cleaning Service please contact us, or fill out the following form.